Looking to explore unconventional and offbeat attractions in Lansing, Michigan? 

Or simply looking for fun things to do today, or this weekend in Lansing, Michigan, because you are bored? 

It’s time to take a break from exploring the bustling streets of Lansing and forge your own path by visiting some fun and offbeat tourist attractions! 

Whether you’re looking for a leisurely spot to relax with friends or an avenue to explore the city’s culture, Lansing has got you covered. 

Discover below 7 offbeat and unconventional tourist attractions in Lansing, Michigan. 

Dig in! 

1. Horrocks Farmers Market 

A local market, Horrocks Farmers Market consists of fresh veggies, fruits of all kinds, baked goods including bread, pastries, and specialty items including homemade cheese, honey, jams, and chocolates. 

A wine bar is filled with international and local brands, which you can sip on while shopping. There is a food truck, a clothing shopping area, large greenhouses, and a bustling atmosphere mixed with the local crowds and tourists. 

Wherever you are, visit the farmers market to support local businesses! 

2. Pinball Pete’s 

Pinball Pete’s is an underground arcade consisting of several pool tables, air hockey, skeeball, pinball, and Mrs. Pac-Man. When visiting Lansing, you cannot miss out on this place. 

A chance to relive childhood memories, the gaming arcade is open until late in the night and hence, making it a fun thing to do at night in Lansing. Amenities include a snack bar with refreshments, soda, pizza, and sandwiches. They are family friendly as well.

By far, this is the best fun thing to do with toddlers while in Lansing, Michigan. 

Pinball pete's lansing michigan
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3. Breakout Escape Rooms 

A live family friendly entertainment gaming venue, Breakout Escape Room, consists of various escape room games and themes that are designed to be immersive and engaging. 

Gather your squad, book a room and visit us at our facility for a fun-filled evening of testing your problem solving skills and working as a team. 

Your aim is to escape the locked room within a particular time frame by finding and solving puzzles. We also provide party rooms where you can hang out after your escape room game is over. 

We also have branches in Ann Arbor, Warren, Orlando, and Royal Oak. Wherever you are, visit us at the nearest! Escape rooms are a fun thing to do for couples, adults and young adults alike, in Lansing, Michigan. 

Breakout escape rooms lansing michigan
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4. Michigan State University Horticulture Gardens 

Located in East Lansing, the Michigan State University Horticulture Gardens is a heaven for nature lovers. 

The garden consists of a wide variety of plants, colorful flowers, trees, long walking trails, and a peaceful and serene atmosphere. You can learn all about horticulture and gardening, take photos, relax to take in the atmosphere, and have a chance to spend the entire day outdoors! 

This garden includes huge acres of green fields to wander without getting bored. 

5. The Red Haven Restaurant 

The Red Haven Restaurant in East Lansing, Mi, is famous for its zucchini blossom. It is a farm-to-table local cuisine restaurant providing mouth-watering dishes. 

Apart from zucchini blossom, the restaurant features burgers, sandwiches, salads, beers, and various other dishes. It has a patio area with outdoor seating allowing guests to enjoy their meals al fresco. 

For tourists visiting Lansing for the first time, it is your chance to give local produce a chance and to try the best local cuisine! Do not forget to gorge on desserts! 

The red haven restaurant lansing michigan
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6. R.E. Olds Transportation Museum 

Take a ride into history by visiting the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum. A den for car and transport enthusiasts. 

The museum consists of a collection of antique cars, and vintage vehicles, a history of the automobile industry, a rare collection of prototypes and unique vehicles, a rich Michigan history, and various other exhibits. 

It is a family friendly attraction and a great place to click awesome and cool pictures! 

7. Lansing Brewing Co. 

For all craft beer lovers, Lansing Brewing Co. boasts a host of selective breweries in a wide range of styles to try out! 

Take a brewery tour to see the brewing process and learn about the different kinds of beers. 

Try your hand at this local craft beer shop in Lansing, Michigan. Relax and socialize with the local crowd, who are very inviting and friendly! 

Lansing brewing co
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There goes my list of 7 of the finest tourist attractions in Lansing, Michigan. Tell us in the comments below what you did! 

And if you have discovered other offbeat attractions in the area, let us know in the comments! 

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