Awesome Proposal Idea

Searching for the best proposal ideas? Get ENGAGED in a Themed Escape Room this 💗Valentine’s Day at Breakout Escape Rooms🎉 Plan for your special someone to open a locked surprise proposal box during your 60-minute escape game adventure. Will your love solve the puzzle and unlock your heart?

Breakout escape room engagement proposal ideas
9 marriage proposal ideas for an unforgettable engagement moment at breakout escape rooms 17

Breakout’s Fun & Unique Proposal Ideas

1. Romantic Proposal: Share a magical moment with up to ten friends and family in the Chamber of Illusions Escape Room.

A magical proposal idea involves daring escapes, unexplained happenings, and mystical puzzles. Free the Grand Master from his ancient trappings and free your heart as well. Entangle the magical lore of the chamber with your own proposal. You can even have your proposal written in a magic mirror, appearing at the exact time you pop the question. Fill your heart with magic that will never disappear.

Magical engagement proposal idea
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2. Private Proposal: Pirate Adventure

These games, matey, are built for just two to four players. If your heart desires a more intimate proposal, both you and your true heart’s wish can sail away into the ocean on a mighty pirate ship. Pop the question amidst the sea shanties and land yourself the perfect proposal as a pirate who dares get down on one knee and show its romantic ways.

Pirate date lansing 1 couple
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3. Unique Proposal Idea: Save the entire planet & Get the Girl (or Guy) Too!

Be the hero in your proposal story. No need to decide between saving the planet Earth or the love of your life when you can do both! Feel confident and pop the question in a superhero cape. 4-8 superheroes are needed for this escape room adventure so invite your friends and family to witness the big moment. If you plan on having your wedding on earth, it’s quite important that you succeed in your task.

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4. Unique Proposal Idea: Abduct your favorite earthing’s heart by sending a helpless green alien back to his home planet.

If you and your partner love looking up at the night sky and counting UFOs, then getting down on one knee in the Visitors Center is the perfect proposal idea. Have a special moment amongst the odd and weird with 4-8 friends and family in this ‘romantic space.’

600w alien group 7
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5. Romantic Proposal: Get down on one knee in the same room as a Sleeping Vampire (Only available at Breakout Escape Rooms Lansing)

Write your love story next to the crackling fireplace and the black coffin, that yes, Horace the Vampire is sleeping in. Don’t worry, he won’t be a threat until the night sky is upon us. This adventure for 4-8 friends and family is the perfect romantic scene for a wedding proposal unlike any other. Scatter blood-red rose petals and pop the question in a daring and intimate moment.

Grampy vampy img
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6. Fun Proposal Idea: Step into the Engagement Ring and be the Ringmaster in The Ringmaster’s Den

Everyone has fun at the circus! Bring up to 12 members of your family and friends to witness the daring, the death-defying, the main act, the wedding proposal! Your true love will find more than expected in this scavenger hunt. They will be surprised by the final clue, and when they say yes to your marriage proposal all can make their daring escape or be part of the circus forever!

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7. Frightning Proposal Idea: Prove that your love can withstand even the Zombie Apocalypse

Test the longevity of your love by setting your marriage proposal in the apocalyptic Zombie Roadhouse. Prove your love and protection in the most extreme of circumstances. Marriage proposals that happen during the imminent threat of a Zombie Attack really show where your priorities lie. Set the crumbling world aside for a special moment and deliver a heartfelt proposal with up to 17 of your closest survivors

600w aa zombie group r
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8. Cute Idea: Christmas themed Proposal Idea any time of year

Does your favorite Elf just LOVE Santa? Make your Christmas proposal idea come to life without even having to wait for Christmas. The sleigh bells will be jingling (and ring ting tingling) as you get down on one knee at the North Pole! This cute idea will score major bonus points as you write a holiday love story that will always be remembered during the most wonderful time of the year.

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9. Haunting proposal idea: Unite as Soulmates and set free the trapped spirit in an old haunted manor. (Only available at Breakout Escape Rooms Ann Arbor)

Enter The Ghost Zone. Get down on one knee in front of 4-8 of your friends and family, and Christie, the spirit trapped within the manor. Though you will be setting her free, her spirit will bless your union till death do you part.

600w ghost group aa 2
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How do Escape Room Proposals work?

Call Breakout’s Friendly event planners to discuss your proposal ideas. When you arrive you will have a personal game host to lead your group on your perfect proposal adventure. Don’t worry, no one will ruin the surprise proposal.

The game master will give you a secret key that you will put in your pocket and take into your game room. Whenever you are ready to pop the question, simply act as if you have just found the key. Say, “Oh I found a key!” hand it directly to your soon-to-be fiance. That key will open a box that has your special items inside.

What special items can be inside the special marriage proposal box?

Along with the marriage proposal puzzle, Breakout can put any romantic gesture you desire locked up in the marriage proposal box. 💙💚💛💜 Popular items include: an engagement ring, handwritten proposal, little notes, love poem, first date photo, ring box, gift, rose petals, and balloons.

Proposal 2
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What is the Marriage Proposal Puzzle?

Breakout has designed and created the 5-piece heart puzzle that can be quickly assembled to reveal an unexpected question, “Will you Marry Me?” This puzzle is for sale at the Breakout Escape Room Location and all the pieces of your heart will be yours to keep forever. The perfect keepsake to remember your proposal moment.

Elaborate Proposal ideas

Play Your Special Song

Breakout can control the music that is being played in the room. If you would like to prepare a soundtrack from your go to playlist or have a special song played while the marriage proposal box is being opened that can be coordinated with Breakout’s event planners.

Personal Touches

If you have proposal ideas to make your big moment special with your personal proposal message, you can call Breakout’s friendly event planners to make it happen. Breakout’s expertise is locking surprises up in boxes. If you want to unlock a musical instrument and sing a song, those are the types of proposal ideas we can easily make happen.

Proposal Photographer

Capture your perfect proposal in three different ways. Breakout can arrange for a game host or professional photographer to enter your themed adventure at the moment you choose under the disguise that something needs attention in the room or that we are simply capturing advertising media today.

The other option is to have one of your friends and family be ready with the camera, it is not unusual for guests to take pictures of each other (just not the puzzles please) in the escape room and everyone will be none the wiser to your proposal idea.

Best Easy and Simple Proposal Ideas

Planning an outdoor proposal is a recipe for disaster. You may have fantastic Beach Proposal ideas, but when the weather goes bad or a rowdy public group decides to disrupt your proposal idea your memorable proposal story could center more around an unexpected flash mob than your marriage proposal. Be sure your proposal ideas go as planned and skip the fireworks display, beach proposal, or romantic picnic. Breakout’s unique proposal ideas make it easy and exciting to pop the question before time runs out!

  • Our team wants your wedding proposal ideas to go better than you can imagine. Breakout will have a fun and friendly game host assigned specifically to your group only to help make your wedding proposal a success.
  • Plan your proposal ideas with Breakout’s helpful event planners. You can call ahead of time to discuss proposal ideas and even make an appointment to visit the rooms to decide where the ideal place is for your big moment.
  • Your engagement ring can be hidden within a locked container so there is no stress in trying to hide a ring box in your pocket.
Date night idea
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More about the Marriage Proposal Ideas at Breakout Escape Rooms

Best Friends and Family Proposal ideas

The more the merrier, you can’t fit everyone in a hot air balloon ride but Breakout can fit up to 17 people in one game room to witness you get down on one knee. The Zombie Roadhouse game is the largest and can hold 17 people. The Ringmaster’s Den can hold 12 people. The Chamber of Illusions and Grampy Vampy can hold 10 people. Aliens Among Us, Elf Myself, and Ghost Zone can hold 8 people. Villian Takeover can hold 6 players. Make sure to get all your friends and family involved in your proposal moment.

Private Proposal Ideas

Breakout has two different pirate games designed for two players. Create a memorable and intimate moment for your private proposal. Together you will sail off into the sunset on a special journey just for the two of you.

Pirate img
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Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

The best sets for romantic proposal ideas are: The Chamber of Illusions, The Coconut Crew’s High Sea Adventures, Heart of a Pirate, and Grampy Vampy

  • The Chamber of Illusions: A magical experience set backstage in a classic theater
  • The Coconut Crew’s High Sea Adventure: Gaze together over the jungle island from your personal pirate ship.
  • Heart of a Pirate: A pirate’s mission is always fueled by passion and driven by a treasure hunt on a desolate tiki island, just you and your partner.
  • Grampy Vampy: A Vampire always decorates inside their house with class, a crackling fireplace represents the passion burning inside the love-longing heart. This particular vampire lives in the suburbs and has a fresh green lawn where the crickets are always chirping awaiting sunset.

Popular Proposal Ideas

Most engagements at Breakout Escape Rooms take place in the Ringmaster’s Den or Chamber of Illusions because these games fit the most amount of people.

Memorable Proposal Story

You don’t have to book a Private helicopter ride or hot air balloon to write your perfect love story. Keep writing a better story and make your proposal more memorable than your first date at Breakout.

Locally you can find the perfect adventure scene for your perfect love story set. An Unforgettable marriage proposal is out of the ordinary. Breakout’s adventures are something you only experience once-in-lifetime and make for the perfect proposal idea. You deserve a grand love story that includes magic, comedy, romance, silliness, fun, and drama. Write characters like Vampires, Aliens, Super Villains, Zombies, Clowns, and Elfs into your love story. Skip the hot air balloon ride and bring your special people to Breakout for a simple proposal idea and a memorable proposal story.

Valentine’s Day Proposal

Schedule your marriage proposal for when love is most vibing in the air. Pop the question in a unique themed escape room with special game hosts working to make your great proposal idea better than you imagine. Breakout is experienced in creating magical moments and romantic proposals 365 days a year. Come to the experts with your elaborate proposal ideas, and after a short chat, they will take care of the rest. All you need to bring is the engagement ring for the big surprise in the final clue.

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Beyond The Escape Room Proposal

The Surprise Party

Breakout rents party rooms to add to your proposal ideas. Have a surprise party and surprise proposal before your game with friends and family. OR have a private proposal in a secluded two-player game and a surprise party afterward. Even arrange for a flash mob proposal to turn up the fun.

Friends girls at breakout escape rooms
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Complete your romantic evening locally and earn more bonus points

Find a local hotel room that is just a short walk through the cute town from Breakout Escape Rooms.

The Royal Oak Hotel is a vibrant and trendy place great for photos of lasting memories. Enjoy your night here for a great price for a unique hotel room. Take advantage of their cute courtyard for a romantic picnic.

The Hyatt Place Detroit / Royal Oak is a modern hotel close to all the attractions Royal Oak has to offer. Add rose petals and a romantic sign to the hotel room and create the perfect ending to your romantic proposal.

Royal Oak also has many cozy Air Bnbs near the downtown area.

Find a local fine dining establishment just walking distance from Breakout Escape Rooms.

Sake Sushi offers many tasty menu items and incredibly friendly service.

Tom’s Oyster Bar is one of the most popular places for a fine dining experience

Trattoria Da Luigi offers the most upscale dining experience.

ImaginATE restaurant tops all current fine dining experiences with a perfect story moment for foodies and influencers alike

Astoria Pastry Shop is the cutest dessert diner with delectable desserts. It is the perfect proposal setting to deliver a sweet message to your fiance or deliver a public proposal in front of their dessert display.

Easy set up
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How to bring your proposal ideas to life

Talk directly with our fun, friendly, and excited party planners and make this your perfect creative marriage proposal experience that you will cherish forever. Your closest friends and family will have so much fun on the day you pop the question.

Breakout of Reality, Break into FUN!