Escape Game Teambuilding Adventures is an all-embracing team environment that rewards individuals for their unique gifts that contribute to a common goal.  They’re fun, engaging, social activities. Set impactful company goals when making your Professional New Year’s Resolutions.

Professional new year's resolutions
The 8 most effective professional new year's resolutions 6

Professional New Year’s Resolutions – Making Every Action Count

How to make every action count. A successful organization is built on a series of many successful events. The people you rely on to make these successes in the company are the employees who work every day on projects and tasks. To have a company working like a fine-tuned machine takes preparation and attention to all the pieces.

Here are the two most important times to nurture an employee for their growth and increased performance at work.

  1. Breaking the Ice
  •  A New Team Member can find their role in the group while playing a Team Building Game, knowing their role is important to create their confidence to express their opinion.
  • A leader can evaluate a new team member’s potential, who they connect with, and current talents much quicker when they are in the element of ‘play.’

2. Grooming Staff into Leaders

  • This exercise lets future leaders bond, lead, and experience the qualities of the team under a deadline without the pressure of executing professional workplace projects.
  • Management can see how a future leader will perform when faced with a real-life task.

Breakout Escape Rooms has worked with many organizations to support their growth as a team. The Teambuilding experience is unmatched by any other activity in ways of exposing strengths & weaknesses while bonding and having fun. Setting the perfect professional New Year’s resolutions depends on knowing the current growth stage of your company.

Work new year's resolutions
The 8 most effective professional new year's resolutions 7

Work New Year’s Resolution ideas – why work resolutions are important

Work resolutions are important because when attention is not given to improvement, a company will naturally degrade. In 2023 the workforce’s largest challenge is creating a successful team.

The two most effective ways to improve a work team are to increase workplace satisfaction and workplace efficiency.

  1. Rewarding A Team and Celebration

This is a memorable experience that creates lasting friendships and partnerships

  • Improves Team Spirit and Motivation
  • Now and then, companies must take a break and let their employees have a little fun.

2. Further Team Development

  • Team members practice new work-related Organizational, Task sharing, and Time Management Skills while enjoying a break from the workplace setting.
  • Leaders get a chance to reevaluate the individual strengths, co-operational strengths, along with weaknesses and vital roles your team may be missing

Breakout Escape Rooms Teambuilding games a proven successful in boosting workplace marale. In one event, managers can observe how the team works together to solve an urgent problem. Playing escape games is a win-win for companies and employees.

New year's resolution teambuilding
The 8 most effective professional new year's resolutions 8

Financial New Year’s Resolutions – Important budgeting Items you may forget about

Important Budgeting Items. There are many financial items that a business must take care of every year out of necessity and fear of immediate negative repercussions. However, if a company doesn’t spend money on its most valuable resource, its people, long-term success, or higher potential will never be reached.

When identifying your professional New Year’s resolutions make your employees proud to be a part of your organization by raising money for the community, people find their greatest value in what they can give to others.

  1. Team building Exercises – Invest money in the future of your company
  • Employees who feel appreciated and valued will stay with a company longer. The long-term employees will set the bar for new employees in tone, work ethic, and team cooperation. Practicing teamwork in fun one-hour adventures will propel your company to keep improving together.
  • Escape Rooms are proven to be affordable and effective. the value gained from the experience far surpasses the amount paid for the service.

2. Team Development & achievement Fundraiser – Bring more money into your or another organization in 2024

  • Give your team the great feeling of achievement by donating to your favorite charity and rewarding your team with an Escape Game Adventure by doing so.
  • Create a company culture and bond by enjoying time outside of the workplace together while proudly contributing to a worthy cause.

Breakout Escape Rooms has a dedicated team that works solely with organizations looking for event spaces for team building, team meetings, fundraising, and celebrations. The Party planners help ensure goals are met and the vision comes to life in the new year.

Financial new years resolution
The 8 most effective professional new year's resolutions 9

Teambuilding New Year’s Resolutions – How important the team is

Breakout Escape Rooms are experienced experts in team achievement. Since opening in 2014 millions of groups have experienced teamwork adventures and had a blast! Learning how to cooperate, and be efficient under the pressure of a countdown clock has never been so fun. Your team outing will make a difference in everyday actions at the workplace.

Here are the two most important reasons to bring your company to Breakout Escape Rooms for your teambuilding & professional New Year’s resolutions.

  1. New Team Development
  • As a leader, you must get to know each team member as an individual. Each person has a specific set of skills, as well as interests and drawbacks. When you know these things, you can match each worker with the right task. That’s the best way to help them boost their productivity and become more satisfied with their job. 
  • Encourage individuals to not regard one another as a body who sits at the desk next to them, but familiarize them as business partners with specific strengths and work styles,  who will work toward a shared goal of business development, individual success, and achieving team goals.

2. Conflict Resolution

  • Let a disconnected team focus on simple activities to help members build trust and let them know they can depend on one another to increase your team’s effectiveness and productivity. 
  • As a leader, you can watch how the team interacts when on a deadline to identify the problem within your team.
Professional new year's resolutions
The 8 most effective professional new year's resolutions 10

Why Teambuilding, Financial, Work, and Professional New Year’s Resolutions are what your company needs.

Every year your company can improve but you have to put the effort in by setting professional New Year’s resolutions. It does not take much time or effort to call one of Breakout Escape Rooms’ friendly and helpful Party Planners. Escape rooms are proven to be the most efficient way to improve your team because employees enjoy them and managers get to see exactly what the team’s strengths and weaknesses are when faced with an urgent task.

When setting goals for 2024 professional New Year’s Resolutions, look at whether your company can benefit from any of the following:

  1. Breaking the Ice
  2. Frooming The Staff into Leaders
  3. Rewarding a Team & Celebration
  4. Further Team Development
  5. Exercise Teambuildig
  6. Team Achievement / Fundraiser
  7. New Team Development
  8. Conflict resolution

Breakout Escape Rooms – Break out of reality and break into FUN professional New Year’s resolutions!

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