For many lovers of sports, heading out can become tricky while balancing life and all that it throws at you. So we thought we’d help out a little. We’ve put together a list of fun and eclectic sport activities you can take up right here in Royal Oak, and its nearby areas. From hiking to indoor climbing to escape rooms, we’ve covered it all. So here are the 10 best sporty activities available near downtown Royal Oak.


1. Hiking Trails

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Michigan is a great state for outdoor activities and Royal Oak is no exception! The area comes with dozens of picturesque hiking trails suitable for people of all experience levels. A few of our favorites can be found in Carpenter Lake Nature Preserve, Clinton River Trails, Red Oaks Nature Center, Camina Los Andes, Paint Creek Trail, Lakeshore Park and Dodge State Park. And if you want some more structured walking routes, you could try Booth Park and James C Nelson Park, which have not only nature trails but also play areas, picnic areas and courts and fields for different games.

2. Biking Trails

Biking trails
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From two legs to two wheels – the area near Royal Oak doesn’t hurt for a lack of biking opportunities either! There are trails that vary in length and difficulty, from 6 miles to 14 miles and beginner to intermediate. Some are hillier than others, most of them are singletrack and all have wonderful views.  A few of our favorites are Stony Creek Metro Park, Bloomer Park, River Bends Mountain Bike Trail and the Morton-Taylor Trail.

3. Kayaking

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This is a Michigan mainstay! The state has dozens of kayaking hotspots and the Huron river is one of the main ones. The river is very accessible from Royal Oak and there are companies offering kayaking and paddleboarding equipment up and down the river. Some of our favourite spots are  accessible from Royal Oak are Pictured Rocks, Mackinac Island, Sturgeon River Gorge Wilderness Area, Crystal River, Isle Royale, Huron River Whitewater, Chain O’ Lakes and Turnip Rock.

4. Walking Tour

Walking tour
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Okay, we may have cheated a little with this one as walking is not technically a sport – but it’s definitely an exercise, and look at the amazing options you’ve got! A guided walking tour through Royal Oak and Detroit is a great way to spend a day on your feet. You can learn about the town’s connection to automobiles, experience its rich cultural history and see its architectural gems such as Hart Plaza’s Horace E. Dodge Fountain. The tour could be done with a Tour Guide, or be self-guided with the help of apps made specifically for this purpose. And of course there are stops at eateries and parks to rest along the way!

5. Golfing

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And finally a stop with the chillest outdoor sport of all time – golf! There are numerous options available throughout Royal Oak and one of the most convenient options is the Royal Oak Golf Center. This course is open all year. It has heated tees and indoor options where you can track how much better (or worse) you get with some practice. There are instructors on hand for golfers of all ages and skill levels – and the mini golf is a seasonal delight!


6. Ax Throwing

Axe throwing
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We did say sporty activities rather than just sports, and this might be one of our favorites yet! The most well-known space for this is Detroit Axe, which hosts both individuals as walk-ins and group reservations for special occasions. They actually have hosts for events like parties and team building workshops – and of course, food and drinks are at hand. And just in case you get really good at ax throwing, they also hold leagues and competitions!

7. Rope Climbing

Rope climbing
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Feeling ropey? Head to an indoor ropes course to climb it out! Yes, you heard that right – there are places near Royal Oak that will teach you how to transform yourself into Tarzan. One of best-known ones is the Indoor Ropes Course at Troy Gym 3. It’s a massive facility with high ropes, zip lines, rappelling stations, cargo nets and rock walls. They too provide hosted event experiences of all sorts all round the year.

8.Climbing Gym

Climbing gym
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A related sport of course is indoor rock climbing – which is safe, intense and a hell of a lot of fun! There are many gyms in the area which offer classes and routes for both individuals and groups, and one is Planet Rock. Those who are brand new to climbing can take a starter lesson here, but those already in the know can  directly get their hands (and feet) on the climbing walls and boulders. And if you’re really ready, instructors can teach you how to transfer your skills to the great outdoors!

9. Archery

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From Tarzan to Pocahontas! An indoor area dedicated to the sport, with supportive expert instructors and lots of fellow enthusiasts at all sorts of different skill levels – sounds perfect for someone who wants to learn something new. You can get this experience at many places, and one of them is Rising Phoenix Archery. The indoor range is open for use at a price with free equipment and helpers. You could go for a fun evening – or you could enroll for their officially-recognised full program.

10. Escape Room

Escape room
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And finally, one of the most thrilling indoor activities of all – an escape room! If you’re wondering what an escape room is – it’s a puzzle-based locked-room game. You will be locked into a supervised room – whether physical or virtual – in which you have to find clues, solve riddles and complete challenges to ‘break out’ or ‘escape’. Our recommendation is, of course, ourselves – Room Breakout escape rooms! These rooms in Royal Oak are a great pocket-friendly option for a very fun time.  

Our venue has 8 different rooms you can choose from, with their own themes, hosts, puzzles, clues and time limits. These include Zombie Roadhouse, Heart Of A Pirate, Ringmaster’s Den, Chamber Of Illusions, Elf Myself and Villain takeover – so there’s choices aplenty! The games are fully Immersive and a host will guide you through them. It’s the perfect activity for the whole family! 

 You can book your slots here.

And there you have it – our ten favorite sporty activities to do near downtown Royal Oak! We hope you enjoyed this list – why not let us know which activity is your favorite in the comments! And we’ll see you at Room Breakout escape rooms very soon.