Keeping your kid engaged can be a daunting task! I understand. 

But what if I told you that there are fun things in and around Warren, Michigan, to keep your kid engaged and entertained? 

You can play with your kids or even head over to your important task while your child is safe and sound at a play center near you. 

Explore this blog to find the top 7 fun activities for kids in Warren, Michigan. 

Note: The below activities mentioned do not involve drinking for adults while the kids are at play. 

1. Warren Community Center 

A kid’s paradise! 

The Child Care Center at the Warren Community Center is available for kids from the age of 2 months to 9 years of age, making it an accessible space for kids to challenge themselves and make new friends. 

The center consists of playgrounds, picnic shelters, different play structures, an indoor water park, different kinds of games and crafts, and many more facilities. They also provide recreation centers for adults. 

You can even become a member of the center. But it is restricted to only Warren residents only. The child care center is open from 9:30 AM to 2 PM from Mondays to Saturdays and also from 4 PM to 7 PM on Mondays through Fridays. 

If you are looking for Christmas events in Michigan, explore the link. 

2. Michigan Science Center 

For kids who love to learn about science, Michigan Science Center is the ultimate spot. 

The Science Center consists of various exhibitions, including interactive science and hands-on experience that promotes learning and curiosity. It consists of a planetarium providing an interesting way to look up at the stars. 

The venue is available for party hires too. The center holds different kinds of workshops too. Head to the website to learn more about it! 

If you are in Michigan, the Science Center is a fantastic place for kids to learn and be creative, keeping them engaged and entertained. 

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Michigan science center fun activities for kids
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3. Breakout Escape Rooms, Warren 

For fun activities to enjoy with your kid or kids or with their gang!

When in doubt, Breakout Escape Rooms is at your disposal! Breakout provides a fun and friendly escape room activity for your kid to challenge their creative mind! 

Apart from Zombie Roadhouse (consists of only friendly scares that can be dialed down if you ask the game hosts), Ringmaster’s Den is kid-friendly, providing space for them to find and solve riddles. The game hosts are also friendly, helping your kids in their indoor play center. 

However, kids below the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian. And if you trust your kids, you can request the game host to wait outside while they play inside. We have plenty of waiting areas where you can rest and relax. 

If you are visiting Warren, remember to visit us at Breakout, which will provide you and your kid with loads of fun! We are located at 7300 Miller Dr. B, Warren, MI

A kind of live entertainment center, you can also hire the event space or venue for your kid’s birthday party. Bring in cake and refreshments along with a party for as many as you want! Make sure to contact us beforehand. 

Register online or call us asap! 

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4. New Detroit Children’s Museum

The third oldest children’s museum in the country houses more than 100,000 artifacts and consists of plenty of activities to get those young minds and bodies moving. 

The New Detroit Children’s Museum consists of extinct mammals, Civil War artifacts and masks, artifacts from across the globe, planetarium demonstrations, a preschool gallery, and many more. 

The museum also hosts community centers and child care centers, including programs aligned to the Michigan Grade Level Content. In addition to mathematics and science, common subjects include indoor play, planetarium shows, and exhibits. 

Head to their website to learn more! 

New detroit childrens museum
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5. Licht Park 

A family destination, Licht Park is an incredible place for kids to enjoy the outdoor environment and play, providing them a space to run around freely without any obstacles or fear of getting hurt. It is a charming neighborhood playground where you can host a small picnic. 

There are plenty of green spaces for picnicking or sharing a family-friendly game of frisbee. You can skate, run around, bike, or walk around. The park is also a host to much local flora and fauna. 

It also provides amenities like restrooms, parking, tables for bbq, and a dedicated playground for kids. 

6. Palmer Park Splash Pad 

A fun place for kids to have a splash in paradise! The best activity for kids during the summertime consists of many attractions. 

The place has the ability to provide endless hours of entertainment, also keeping in mind that an excess of splashing can lead to the common cold. 

However, the Splash Pad is a cool and refreshing way to beat the heat. It consists of various water features such as sprays, jets, and fountains that are activated by buttons and sensors. It also has other amenities, including seating arrangements, snacking bars, locker rooms, and shade structures, making it a more enjoyable and relaxing experience! 

If you are looking for fun places to bring your kids together in order for them to have a good time, the Palmer Park Splash Pad will make them have a blast! Don’t children always love an outdoor adventure?!

Palmer park splash pad, warren
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7. Red Oaks Nature Center

A recreational as well as an educational space for kids to engage and inspire young minds. The place is filled with flora and fauna, with seasonal displays and exhibits teaching the kids all about the environment and the natural world. 

It also offers natural hikes, habitat conversation, hands-on interactive ways, outdoor play areas, and trails for kids to explore. It is also a great place to get some exercise and fresh air! 

It also consists of activities like camping, and fishing, with wildlife observation decks! This combination of play and education makes Red Oaks Nature Center an amazing place for kids! In today’s world, Red Oaks Nature Center is the exact place to take your kids! They also make great fall activities. 

Red oaks nature center
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Hence, whether you are visiting Warren and looking for activities to do with kids or looking for play centers, these 7 wonderful places are a fun way to expel your kid’s energies. 

Other places include trampoline parks, mini golf, the Sea Life Michigan Aquarium, daycare community centers, Legoland Discovery, summer camp activities, and many more! 

Your kid definitely won’t be disappointed, and who knows, maybe you will have a good time too!