We all love and look forward to a good time, but that doesn’t mean we have to break our bank accounts while doing it! 

Whether you are a tourist or a local, there are many free and cheap things to do in Warren that are entertaining and unique. 

With a rich and long history, Warren is known for its diverse neighborhoods, parks and recreation facilities, and many cultural attractions. 

Explore below to discover some of the best free and cheap things to do in Warren. 

1. Warren Woods State Park 

A public recreation area, Warren Woods State Park is a wonderful place for hiking, picnicking, and nature center viewing. 

Various recreational activities and amenities include hiking trails, picnic areas, restrooms, and a playground. The woods include various kinds of birds, beech-maple forest, the only kind left in Michigan, and several other species of trees, flowers, and wildflowers. 

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2. MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 

A local theater in Warren, MJR Universal Grand Cinema 16 is especially known for its free soda and popcorn refill with discounted show prices. Matinee shows are $6. 

All the recent movie releases are released in this theater as well. Classic movies of all times are also played from time to time. Check the theater website for the shows you are looking for. 

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3. Breakout Escape Rooms Warren 

Break out of boredom and break into FUN! 

Breakout Escape Rooms are a live-action entertainment center where you and your squad are locked in a room for a limited time period. The key to the door is a series of puzzles away. 

The rooms come in different themes, and hence the puzzles differ accordingly. Themes include horror, adventure, escape, sci-fi, and many more. Before you enter your rooms, you are briefed on the adventure, and certain rules and regulations are specified. 

Our rooms are a fun and interactive way to challenge your mind and sharpen your problem-solving skills. Check the level before you opt for one. You can dial down the screams and scares if you do not like sudden surprises. 

We also provide party rooms for you and your gang to chill and hang out after your games are over. We also have branches in Orlando, Ann Arbor, Lansing, and Royal Oak

Visit your nearest center, and we guarantee you a lifetime of adventure to remember! 

Breakout escape rooms, warren
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4. Warren Public Library 

For the bookworms and researchers, the Warren Public Library is a free admission zone. You can surf through books and read them on the spot. Issuing books will require library memberships. 

The library has access to computers which include ebooks and research materials, with free wifi access. Other amenities include copying, printing, and faxing and trained librarians. 

Check their timings as the library is generally closed on public holidays. 

Warren public library
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5. Warren Community Center 

The Warren Community Center boasts many amenities. It consists of a swimming pool, a childcare center, a gym, an auditorium, fitness classes, various youth programs, cultural events, and rental spaces for events or meetings. 

The center is not exactly free, but a family membership doesn’t cost much. Also, note that the membership entry is available for Warren residents only. 

6. Universal Lanes 

A bowling alley, Universal Lanes, consists of multiple lanes, which are also available for bowling leagues and tournaments. You can also play as a single group with your friends and family. 

Other amenities include a proper snack bar, a pro shop, and other gaming facilities, including air hockey, a pool table, and mini bowling. The pro shop is where you can purchase shoes, bowling balls, and other equipment. 

The facility is available for party rentals with multiple party packages as well. They host fundraising events too. 

Bowling in warren, michigan
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7. Dragonmead Microbrewery

A somewhat cheap brewery in Warren, Dragonmead Microbrewery consists of a range of brews, and food items in a cozy and relaxed environment, blasting music at full volume, making it a beautiful location! 

Various beers on tap are available, including ales, lagers, stouts, and many more. Food items mainly consist of pub-style snacks, including sandwiches, pizzas, and various appetizers. 

They also host events consisting of live music, trivia nights, and beer releases. Hence, check their website before heading if you are looking for live performances. 

8. Licht Park 

A family friendly park, Licht Park, provides a dedicated space for kids to enjoy the outside environment without any obstacles. It also makes a fantastic environment to host a small picnic. 

The park includes amenities, including green spaces for picnic hostings, playing different kinds of games, a skating ground, biking, and a walking path. 

It also boasts various flora and fauna, restrooms, parking, and bbq tables. 

Getting out and exploring shouldn’t have to be that difficult or expensive! 

Get out of that bed, remove your earphones, put on some clothes other than pajamas, and get out there to explore! 

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Tell us in the comments below what you did! Or if you found more free and unique things to do!