If the photo above was in a escape game what clues do you see?

Is there a pattern in the lights on and off?

does the color mean something?

Could there be a hidden image behind the light?

Maybe you haven’t solved something that will alter the lights?

Should you try to unscrew the bulbs or smash them?

Or maybe this is just a stock photo i randomly inserted for this blog 🙂

The Escape Game industry is ever evolving. The Best Escape games today focus on three simple criteria.. Fun. Challenge. And Environment.



Its listed first because nothing else is more important to players. For the developers and operators Creating “Fun” can be either simple or the most complicated of equations. Both paths are equally important.

The great news for owners and fans alike is that it’s easy to tell when a game delivers on fun.

Cheers, Laughter, smiles and excitement during and after a game are the first clue to succeeding at “Creating Fun”

Hint: When shopping for your next game read reviews that repeat these words often.

(Fun,Cheers, Laughter, smiles or excitement)

Crossword orlando


The level of Challenge in the Breakout market has grown with each new room.

Typically, the escape rates and even recommendations on group size and experience will be included in the room’s description.

The goal of most Rooms is to have the greatest percentage of players escape with seconds left.

Hint 1: When done well Open environments are much more challenging then linear ones.

Hint 2 Most often the experienced players will find a facilities games have a similar level of challenge regardless of the escape rate listed..


Environment should start in the room and spill its theme into every part of the game, staff, building and media.

How are Top rated games made? They start with great game flow, interesting and challenging puzzles within a cohesive Theme and one that engages and involves All players.

Hint: Never give up fun in the game room(s) for an over the top lobby or teaser video.

We have given you three clues to create the best escape room experience. As the industry is ever changing Fun, Challenge and Environment will remain the building blocks all games will stand on.

Dan Schutz

Breakout Escape Games